Man leaning against sunlit staircase

From the word caldera – a depression created after the eruption from a volcano. The sense of melancholy after the fleeting moments of excitement.  Chinese-Canadian artist Caldher draws inspiration from his upbringing, seeking to depict this dichotomy through his songwriting. Balancing between two seemingly different worlds – his childhood rooted in Chinese culture while growing up as a 2nd generation Chinese-Canadian child – Caldher always felt most at home through music. It was when he discovered his first punk band where he became enamored by the craft of songwriting, being inspired later on by musical geniuses such as Thom Yorke and Phoebe Bridgers. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a phrase that applies far too well to many Chinese families, in particular pertaining to the expression of negative emotions or thoughts. Through music, Caldher was able to understand the importance behind articulating one’s feelings, and strives to unlearn this way of thinking that is deep-rooted in his culture. Telling a story through multiple lenses, Caldher simply wishes to make a connection in an increasingly distancing world the one way he knows how to – through his craft.

In his debut EP, Caldher explores elements of loneliness and isolation through the eyes of a distraught astronaut who ultimately sends himself to space because of these overbearing emotions. In this four-track project, the astronaut explores the stages of grief caused by his isolation, and comes to accept the pain he is feeling. Alongside electrifying synth lines and driving guitar rhythms, Caldher’s wistful singing and lyricism cuts through as he narrates through a cinematic and engaging experience.